Monday, December 27, 2010

How Are We Doing?

It occurred to me, as I was watching the news on TV this morning, that human beings haven't made much progress since we first arrived on earth. We are still doing the same things, just on a larger scale, and in more complicated ways.

We used to fight man to man. Then clan to clan, village to village, area to area, and country to country.

At first we killed only one at a time. We have made so much "progress" that now we kill hundreds at once, and have the ability to kill thousands.

In addition to continuing to fight each other, the way we treat each other, even those with whom we are "at peace," hasn't improved much either. At least, in primitive societies people worked together, cooperated for the welfare of the whole group. Now we cooperate less and less, and it's every man (or woman) for himself.

In the process of vying with each other for money, property, or power, we lose sight of simple human connection. We don't know how to work together for the good of the planet we live on, but are blinded by desire for personal gain, or for the success of personal agendas.

Couldn't we take a step back and look at what we are doing to each other and to our earth? Can't we pay attention to what it is we are losing?

And if the world dies, where will we live then?


  1. Thank-you Troy,

    The human connection....the human condition... so poor, and it is frightening...for it does seem that it is coming down to the question that you wrote....Where will we live? If this madness does not stop, Perhaps, we won't...Paula

  2. This is quite good....and very accurate unfortunately. As you say, we have lost sight of the greater good, because we are obsessed and fearful about securing what we want personally.